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Welcome to The Housing Finance Corporation's website.

THFC is an independent, specialist, not-for-profit organisation that makes loans to regulated Housing Associations, that provide affordable housing throughout the United Kingdom. THFC funds itself through the issue of bonds to private investors and by borrowing from banks.

THFC, through its subsidiary, Affordable Housing Finance is the delivery partner for the Affordable Housing Guarantee Scheme. AHF makes loans to RP borrowers and funds itself through the issue of bonds and by borrowing from the European Investment Bank. AHF's obligations under the terms of its financings and the obligations of its RP borrowers are guaranteed by the Government. The scheme has been designed to allow RPs to access cost effective funding so as to act as a stimulus in the building of affordable housing.

To find out more about Affordable Housing Guarantee Scheme, click here.

Housing Associations are regulated by The Regulation Committee of the Homes and Communities. More information on Housing Associations, the work of the Corporation and government policy on social housing matters can be found under the Links section.