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Affordable Housing Finance Plc

'Affordable Housing Finance, working in partnership with Government, is sourcing cost-effective long-term finance to underpin the delivery of badly needed affordable homes, across Great Britain' - Piers Williamson, Chief Executive Officer'

Affordable Housing Finance [AHF] is the exclusive delivery partner of the Government backed Affordable Housing Guarantee Scheme [AHGS]. AHF saw its underwriting period for new business end in March 2016. It, however, continues to manage a large portfolio of over 60 housing associations, and monitors a diverse selection of loans amounting to over £2.5bn.

AHF funds itself through the issuance of bonds on the capital markets while simultaneously borrowing from the European Investment Bank. AHF was awarded an 'AA stable' credit rating from Standard and Poor's, and has provided the most successful guarantee scheme of its kind. This success stems from AHF's ability to offer a lower cost of funding than the equivalent direct issuance by an HA. While the long-term secure investment opportunities offered under the grant, enable investors and borrowers to attain cost effective positions within the affordable housing market. Indeed, Post-Brexit and the expectation of a lower Base Rate, has effectively shown AHF to be a valuable defensive investment in an otherwise volatile and uncertain time.

For more information about AHF and its role within THFC and the affordable housing market, please visit the AHF website

For more information upon the AHGS and clarification upon the scheme rules please visit the Department of Community and Local Government's website