Credit Opinion

THFC has been rated by Standard and Poor's an A (stable) long term credit rating

THFC maintains a close relationship with the UK Government, EIB, NHF and the HCA.  THFC continues, as it has since its inception, to provide vital provision of housing in the social/affordable housing sector. 

THFC first obtained an 'A+ stable' rating from Standard and Poor's in June of 2004. This report can be accessed and downloaded here , and the corresponding press release here

THFC maintained an 'A+ stable' credit rating until July 2016, following the downgrade of the UK Sovereign due to the UK's decision to leave the European Union.

THFC's latest Standard and Poor's A (stable) rating can be accessed and download here

THFC has been receiving its rating
from Standard and Poor's for 14 years.